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The media industry is highly demanded and has been developing for many decades. Modern media is characterized by the preservation of huge amounts of data. As a result, they not only take up space on physical media but often must be reliably protected from leakage or accidental loss due to a violation of the functionality of server equipment.

Virtual data rooms are services that help you store virtually endless amounts of data in the most secure place possible. As a result, you can not worry that your valuable data will disappear due to flooding in the office or theft by a third party. In VDR technology, everything is always under complete control.

Disadvantages of physical media

In most cases, SSD drives or powerful server hardware with enough memory act as physical media.

The disadvantages of physical media are discussed below, using SSD drives as an example.

  • Price. Every year, the prices of solid state drives are decreasing, but still, they are not as cheap as their HDD counterparts. SSD drives are 3-4 times more expensive than HDDs of the same size. To improve computer performance, they buy an inexpensive 120-240 GB SSD for the operating system.
  • Difficulty in data recovery. Since the controller and memory chips are soldered into one board, not one component, but all at once may suffer during a power surge. Therefore, in most cases, information recovery will not be possible. However, if the memory controller burns out in the HDD, then memory recovery will still be possible since physical media – data disks – will not be affected.

In the media industry, storage volumes can reach tens of terabytes, and the safety of every bit of information is the key to successful work.

That is why almost all major holdings operating in the media space have turned their attention to virtual data rooms as one of the ways to store an unlimited amount of information. Visit for more information on data rooms.

Benefits of Virtual Data Rooms

The strengths of these services include:

  • Simplicity and convenience in use. These are, in fact, the same clouds that we are so used to, only with improved characteristics. You will hardly feel the difference between Google Drive or any VDR storage.
  • You can increase your memory as much as you like. The space on physical media can be very voluminous but still not infinite. In VDR, you can count on an almost limitless expansion of space.
  • Reliability of information storage. Your data is stored so that no earthquake or flood can scare them. The files will be safe in any case.
  • Complete security. VDRs offer users banking-like data encryption, authentication settings, and other security-related options.

If you are still thinking about whether to use VDR, then you should at least try it – the free period for most vaults is 14-30 days.

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