How can VDR providers guarantee the security of the sensitive information placed in a single server?

A virtual data room is a cloud technology that allows you to store data. So it would seem, well, how can it differ from standard services such as GoogleDrive or Dropbox? The difference is enormous. In this article, you will learn how VDR differs from classic clouds and how storing data on a remote server can protect you from critical losses.

Virtual data room concept

For data storage, the most popular services are Google Drive and Dropbox. But have you ever wondered why large companies such as Microsoft or IBM prohibit employees from using such services to send corporate documents? Obviously, because of their insecurity. Such programs provide very little protection against hacking, and data loss can be extremely costly.

However, the concept of cloud storage is very attractive – sometimes, you want to give access to a document remotely while not risking losing it. Now, this possibility has existed for a long time.

This is called a virtual data room. With the help of such a cloud service, you can reliably protect your data from loss, give access so that the recipient cannot download or take a picture of the document, monitor the history of document changes, and change its lifetime (that is, delete it at a certain moment) and so on.

In data rooms, you can apply watermarks, various settings that prohibit printing or editing documents and restrict access for different user groups.

Security measures in virtual data rooms

When purchasing VDR services, customers want to be sure that the program reliably protects documents – they cannot be obtained by intruders from outside or stolen by unscrupulous company employees.

Several technologies come to the rescue:

  • Data encryption. Even the most inexpensive and budgeted virtual data rooms protect documentation with 256-bit encryption. This is the banking gold standard. So if an attacker steals information from the server, he will still not be able to use it correctly – it will be encrypted.
  • A lot of servers are not always localized nearby. Sometimes the VDR service provider’s servers are located in many different locations worldwide. Therefore, it is not worth thinking that your data is “in one place.” They can be anywhere.
  • Flexible settings. You can choose virtual data rooms for storage and work, large transactions, and due diligence. A lot of settings and functionality opens up endless possibilities for the owners of such software.

Read more about the data room at this link, and you will be able to ensure that this technology deserves your detailed attention.

How to choose a data room?

All providers have equal levels of data protection, a fairly clear and attractive interface, and many features. Choose the best option based on your needs and your budget.

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