ScanGuard Antivirus Review

Safety is one of the most significant issues now, particularly when It comes to sensitive data that is worth billions of dollars. You may wonder what it has to do with you. The computer of an average consumer isn’t anywhere near as precious, but don’t we all want to know our secret files are protected, and no virus will ever be able to infiltrate the OS?

Inside This ScanGuard review, we’ll discuss its key components And make a list of pros and cons that will help you make the right choice. In general, there are three packages to pick from; as always, the more expensive packages offer you more features and more permits. If you’ve got multiple devices which need Security, proceed with the most expensive plan.

Privacy — that is the main focus of this company, and you’ll Find out more about that in our ScanGuard review.

Real-time scans do not Appear to slow down the system and let The user focus on their work without getting disrupted. The tools that enhance performance, along with the built-in VPN turn ScanGuard to a worthy contestant.

Add the Additional firewalls Which Are guarding the”gates” 24/7, And you’re going to get one of the most excellent antiviruses on the market. At precisely the same time, this product isn’t perfect — it’s got its fair share of drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at precisely what SG has to offer you.

New on the antivirus market. But that should not suggest that the security program does not have utilities to secure your devices and keep them up and running. As expected, ScanGuard is at the end of comparative criticism, the reason being its freshness on the shelves.

This safety program not only provides constant and Consistent Security of your apparatus against malware, Trojan and other dangers but also, it comes with a load of utilities that enriches your system performance and provide internet protection.


– Users that value their privacy and will welcome the free Virtual Private Network.

– People with devices that run on Windows, Mac, and iOS. This antivirus is compatible with each significant OS available on the market. ScanGuard for Android, by way of instance, works perfectly.

– Customer support deserves a round of applause. Yes, it’s excellent, and all the ScanGuard antivirus testimonials will confirm that.


This is a very young company, and it hasn’t been able to Prove its worth yet. AV-Test and AV-Comparatives did not have the opportunity to test this antivirus properly; however, by happy testimonials from the customers, there’s no need to be concerned about its performance.

The users assert that ScanGuard struggles the most potent viruses Like a pro and does not put much strain on the OS. Even real-time scans do not slow down the pc, which is a huge plus. So, while we can’t be 100% convinced that this antivirus is, indeed, on par with the best of the best, the satisfied ScanGuard reviews are still there, and they should not be overlooked. After all, it’s the regular users who detect all the tiny imperfections and new features.

When it comes to privacy, we can say with certainty that ScanGuard is one of the leaders of this race. These guys are new on the current market, but they’re already breathing down the necks of the leaders. You have got two checks in your disposal: a fast one which runs through the main folders, and a complete scan which checks every corner. Anything fishy is automatically quarantined to protect the system. The Tune-Up tools are useful and user-friendly; the File Manager gets rid of copies; ransomware protection is available with all packages.

The appearance of the antivirus suggests it utilizes a last Generation antivirus engine which manages all viruses nicely and detects zero-day samples.

The Most Elementary version comes with an entry level inbuilt Firewall and runs its automobile scan system quickly.

The antivirus system comes preloaded with a pack of tools For malware security, and as stated by the software developers, the product detects and removes spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, and anti-virus. Its file protector feature eliminates any harmful files it finds offering users innovative protection

There are two kinds of scanning this antivirus provides, the rapid Scan, along with the complete Scan. The fast Scan focuses on your browser, desktop, and downloads whereas the full Scan deeply accesses the system. Depending on the Scan you choose the antivirus clears any hazard and won’t skip a thing.

To Access this application, it has been made easy to Download and download from the organization’s Website after purchasing your package.


ScanGuard provides you with a Variety of features with Packages that covers around three devices. These attributes include:

* The applications provide you with fundamental and essential Security against malware, viruses, and Trojans as well as protecting your device against internet/online threats like spams, malware, and spyware.

* ScanGuard has a two-way firewall that safeguards your Internet privacy and thwarts in addition to block cyber-threats.

In the windows show, the program is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Plus for your program and the users as well. This allows you to monitor the time and places your children visit on the internet and at the same time block unwanted websites and protect against cyber threats.

* The main feature Which Makes ScanGuard antivirus Stand out as a much better safety program is the VPN. This is a reasonably distinctive feature because most antiviruses focus on only securing data that is local.

* ScanGuard has inbuilt utilities/tools that boost your devices’ memory. These include file management tools that delete insignificant and unwanted files in addition to services that help you in clearing your cache and history thus fastening your browsing speed.

* ScanGuard supports Several devices and functions on multiple significant operating systems.

If you factor in their relative infancy, ScanGuard is Worth checking out if you’re looking for antivirus software which also comes with a VPN.


Now let’s proceed with our ScanGuard applications inspection and Take a look at the dashboard. This company is about user-friendliness and unusual designs. The official site is pleasant and relaxing, while the antivirus itself is super easy to navigate. The practice of downloading and installing is easy and straightforward. All the attributes are at your disposal right from the start. No science degree is needed to make sense of everything.

Cross-Device capability is a beautiful thing. It means The experience with, say, ScanGuard for Android will be the same as with all the other apparatus, which is one of the most excellent characteristics of this item.

The advanced settings are also intuitive and easy to get access to. The bottom line is ScanGuard is exceptionally versatile and friendly.


ESSENTIAL ANTIVIRUS. 24.95 dollars. That will give you 1-year Security for a single device. It includes real-time/ransomware/phishing protection, optimization programs to your personal computer, remote firewall security, and more. Remember, however, that for your next year, you are going to have to pay $99, 95 that is somewhat ridiculous if you ask me. This is something that most ScanGuard reviews neglect to mention.

PRO ANTIVIRUS. This is the next package, available for 39.95 bucks. As with the first strategy, the massive discount applies only to the first calendar year. Renewal will cost you $119.95. Pro includes all the features of the initial plan but provides licenses for three apparatus. Besides, you’ll get the Safe Password Vault. Is it all worth paying 40 dollars for? It is should you need to protect three devices simultaneously.

ULTIMATE ANTIVIRUS. As the name suggests, this is the most Feature-packed variant of ScanGuard. For 59.95 bucks, you get licenses for five devices and receive priority service 24/7. Also, this package features protection and optimization to your Smartphone. But, according to the ScanGuard reviews, this is not the hottest package — Guru is. It is essential to say that the VPN can be obtained regardless of which program you pick.

There is nothing to be concerned about. When it is on your device, go through a fast registration pattern and start taking advantage of SG. The Scan will show all of the possible threats so you can get rid of them manually. Or, upgrade to a few of those packages and allow the antivirus to look after that.


Support is outstanding. Live chat and email are available 24/7, along with the folks on the opposite side of this display are very professional and useful. Plus, on the official site, there’s a massive knowledge base that gives you the chance to fix whatever problem you are getting in your own.

Regrettably, when we desired to contact the software’s Customer service to further fairly assess it in our ScanGuard inspection, we understood that support over the telephone could only assist you with questions you have concerning billing. That is right: the team won’t have the ability to give you some technical assistance. However, customer service is topnotch, and that is not something we could say about the rest of the antivirus solutions.


Regardless of the negative press, they are not scammers, and while Their support isn’t the best you’ll discover on the internet, there are quite a few advantages if you choose to give it a go.


– Cross-platform performance makes it effortless to get the same accounts across multiple devices.

– Identity protection attributes help alleviate any worries of having your data stolen.

– Customer service is some of the best you’ll find, with a range of different selections out there.

– ScanGuard includes a simple setup procedure.

– The encoded VPN further protects any information sent to and from the device.


– The absence of readily available background information is sketchy, if somewhat understandable given they’re a reasonably new applications supplier.

– There is no option for a free trial available.

With direct downloads available from their Website. As soon as you’ve signed up and signed in after the installation instructions will start you off with the recommended configurations in under 10 minutes.

The UI is intuitive, using the Easy layout allowing for cross-device functionality.

No problems during testing with ScanGuard. They provide real-time protection from a variety of threats, such as ransomware, spyware, and malware. Parental controls are in the works, but there is nothing available in the present time of writing, so it’s not ideal if you want to moderate your child’s online activities.

On the plus side, their Experian powered Identity Protection Attributes will alert you if you’ve been the victim of online fraud.


ScanGuard promises the Earth, but overall Security could Be improved. They advertise that you can”stop unauthorized access to your personal information with our Two-Way Firewall,” but the issue is, it hasn’t been published yet! As you may expect, their current firewall isn’t the best, so we’re awaiting an upgrade before adhering to a higher score.

While it’s unlikely to speed up your computer such as the Website asserts, their document management support is useful if you want to free up some extra memory.


ScanGuard is the new kid on the block, so this means it Hasn’t proved itself that much as a result of limited time. It hasn’t been featured in great reputed functionality reviews and independent evaluations.

But from the general view, the security program works almost To perfection as it does not appear to be affecting the operation of your device by slowing down it. Customer testimonials have shown on its powerful ability at eradicating threats through real-time scans without restarting the functionality rate of their devices.

ScanGuard is easy to install and install. The setup is Simplified and takes a couple of moments ahead of your security program is running and up. You will need to fill out registration particulars before you can log in to opt for the product you wish to buy. There are already recommended placing which you use before installation. It also gives choices on a specific number of occasions you will need your apparatus to be scanned and the interval between each Scan.

The ScanGuard user interface is among the best interactive Security screen you may find on the markets today. It has a precise uniform familiarity across all devices. The neatly arranged dashboard indicates the existence of a hazard, quarantined files and a command for a quick scan. You will find additional utilities like disk cleaner and device boost on a fast access toolbar.


The Scanguard antivirus is a brand new product in the market and Has not gained much recognition and reputation on the market. The prices due to their different products are attractive which a motive to give them a trial. Their Essential package comes in at $24.95 per year, but it’ll just work on one device. The Pro version is $39.95, allowing for three apparatus and additional features such as the disk cleaner and the start-up protector. It is reasonably cheap in comparison to the competition, with the bonus of VPN protection. ScanGuard issue refunds within the first 30 days, so you won’t have some problems if it is not working out.


ScanGuard offers among the best customer care and service From the antivirus world. They provide you with a helpful video tutorial during setup and installation.

ScanGuard has an extensive Selection of Customer Care Options, including a dedicated 24/7 free hotline for any pressing issues. (don’t expect a local emphasis on the opposite end of this line ) Live chat is also available if you would like to communicate via text, so it’s easy to get to the root of any difficulties. Their Knowledge Base is packed with tutorials and guides to help you along each step of the way so that they earn high marks to the overall care package.

There is a 24/7 phone established care which gives priority to Pricing and charging complains.


Despite a few issues, ScanGuard is still worth checking out If you’re searching for an all in 1 package. It takes time to build up trust, and individuals will always be inherently suspicious when it comes to a company that is just beginning.

If you’re willing to leap of faith, you’ll find Adequate software that gets the work done, and they’ve made an effort to allay any Fears with their range of customer support options.